Your Story

Reclaim the stories you tell yourself and step into your Medicine

You carry Great Medicine within you.  Our "Medicine" is the unique gifts, wisdom and expression we have to bring into the world.  It is said we each come into the world with a song and that we are that song.


We each have wounds from the struggle and challenges of life.  Most get caught up in a story our inner critic tells.  A story of the pain and beliefs that re-enforce our sense of feeling unworthy, of feeling we're not enough and undeserving.

However, there's another story that's always been there.  It's called our medicine story.  It is shown that through our wounds and struggles we discover our true medicine we bring into the world.  Most fail to harvest it and get caught up in our "pain" story.  

It's time to harvest the medicine in your wounds and story

This is a deep healing and empowering journey.  You're guided through a powerful process of harvesting the medicine from your shadows and learning to bring forth the medicine in them and stand in your medicine... walk in your medicine... own your medicine.

It's shown all our behaviors move to re-enforce our sense of identity.  Most identify with their limited story.  Imagine the impact of shifting how you identify with yourself so you're identifying with your strengths and how you showed up in your journey.

This is based off of Joseph Campbell's work "The Hero's Journey" and depth psychology.  We pull from the shadows and weave a new tapestry of self through symbolism, myth, and the deeper shamanic understandings of soul.

Begin Your Journey

Begin with starting the conversation.  Use the form to introduce yourself and share why this resonates.  Ask any questions you may have. 

We'll then schedule a Free 30 minute phone session to connect with you with, to share further details, and answer any questions you may have.  

If this offering feels like a great fit, we'll then schedule our sessions accordingly.  The length and depth of these sessions are unique to each person. They range from 60 to 120 minutes.

We look forward to connecting with you. 


Providing hands on training in Shamanism helping you develop the awareness to access the potential within and join the conversation that's happening within every moment, with everything. OM!




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