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Each land has it's own people, it's own teachings, and it's own medicine

Many journey's, sharing in many lands across the world with amazing people of those lands.  This is a collection of retreats, wilderness expeditions, and youth mentoring.

We hope you join us on our next gathering or retreat. 

Photos from Men's Shamanic Wilderness Retreat

We journeyed into an old growth forest.  We heigheted our senses, discovered our fears of the unknown, and reconnected with our strengths and how we're part of the Everything.

Photos from being a Wildy Guide

Guiding At-Risk youth through rites of passages, teaching primitive survival and wilderness skills, sharing wisdom tales, the magic of totem animals and more importantly holding space for them as they burn through their inner fires and reborn with a new name and sense of Self.

Photos from the Shamanic Healer Initiation

Initiating students as Shamanic Energy Healers.  Learn to use the medicine drum, rattles, voice, herbs and ritual in combination with a specific shamanic energy healing method.  Students receive and initiation that activates ones' ability to do energy healing.  

We offer this initiation a few times a years.  

Photos from Reiki Initations & Healer Gatherings

We host yearly retreats bringing together various healers.  We share our arts with one another, be in ceremony, eat amazing food, and relish within the sacred space of spirit.

We also host Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healer Initiations a few times a years.  

Photos from The Shamanic Mind & Cosmology Retreat

Shamanism is understanding the language in which "spirit" speaks.  It's a way of percieving and interacting with the world.  This was a great retreat at the coast learning specific practices to enhance this awareness and one's ability to join the conversation.

Photos from Three Day Silent Retreat

Each summer we host a couple 3 to 5 day silent retreats.  Those who said they couldn't meditate for more than 20 minutes were meditating for over 2 hours and said it felt like 15 minutes.  You learn how to lovingly lead the mind so my easily rest in meditation.  Includes rituals, reflective time and a series of meditation techniques you're guided through.


Providing hands on training in Shamanism helping you develop the awareness to access the potential within and join the conversation that's happening within every moment, with everything. OM!





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